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Help on ordering

Order & Payment

How long will it take to deliver the item to me?
The delivery time takes on most items 3-4 working days (Mo – Fr) after payment. You will always find a lead time in the article description.

How do I know if my item has been sent?
You will receive a shipping confirmation to your deposited Email address after you item has been shipped. You also have a link in your order confirmation with that it is always possible to retrieve the status of your order.

Do you provide shipping overseas?
Yes, we ship your order worldwide. For more detailed informations relating on international transport costs and delivery countries please check the delivery informations. If you can not find your country there, please contact our customer service.

How can I check the status of my order?
You get all information about your order to your registered Email address. In this Email you will always find a status link of your order, also you can check the status and your data there.

What delivery address is used?
If you do not specify a separate delivery address your order will always be sent to the billing address. Note to PayPal customers:
With PayPal payments we as trader are obliged to deliver to the registered PayPal address. Please update it regularly.

Do I have to pay shipping costs?
Generally for all items there are shipping costs which you can see under the link Payment and Shipping

Do I have to pay multiple shipping costs?
No shipping costs are generally only once. If you order two items with different shipping costs, the respective higher shipping costs will be charged.

How can I pay for my order?
You can pay in various ways at FancyHomeTrends.com. From bank transfer to credit card to PayPal.

Where can I find the purpose of the transfer?
You will automatically receive after purchase an order confirmation via Email with all relevant data within 1 hour.

Who bears the costs of return?
We always work on the latest version of the revocation. For more detailed information please refer to the right of withdrawal.

Is a partial return possible?
The right of withdrawal in online trading is there to that customers who order a product online without those seen in "real" can return the items back without any problems if they are not satisfied with it. By convention you always cancel within the statutory period your contract and not part of it.
A revocation is possible if you have order e.g. 5 pieces of a product and want to send the entire 5 pieces back, but not 2 of 5 pieces that is not possible.

Product data & wallpaper advice

In what condition is the product?
In FancyHomeTrends.com products are exclusively available which have the status "New".

What should I look at if I reorder wallpapers?
On the depositor of each wallpaper roll you find the so-called batch number.
You will always find it next ti the item number. A continuous wall surface should always be papered with wall cladding made of the same number, otherwise slight variations in color can not be entirely ruled out. We ask you to inform us about the batch number if you should make a repeat order.

What are the dimensions of a roll of wallpaper?
Usually wallpapers have a length of 10,05 m x 0,53 cm / 11 yd x 21 ''. However wallpapers are also available in widths of 70 cm / 27.56 '' and 106 cm / 41.73 '' which become more popular. By the wider track widths the approaches are reduced so that you save processing time.
A border is always 5 m / 5.47 yd long. The respective wallpaper dimensions and the width of the border are always shown in the product details.

What is the meaning of the design match "free match"?
"Free match" marked wallpapers can continuously be tailored to the required length without having to watch for the pattern. Thus, these rolls are utilize efficiently.

What is the meaning of the design match "offset match?
At offset patterns, the pattern shifts on every other track around half of the pattern design match, so that each second track is therefore identical. While cutting and processing the wallpaper, it is important that wallpapers with offset match are unrolled only in one direction. Through the offset the pattern shifts with every second track by the specified dimensions.

What is the meaning of the design match "straight match"?
Straight match means that each of the patterns in the wallpaper track have an identical height. Thus for trimming your tracks the pattern can be put on top of each other.

What are non-woven wallpapers?
The advantage of a non-woven wallpaper is the easy processing, primarily the elimination of the soaking time. They can be placed directly after the wall has been pasted. The material is dimensionally stable and can bridge or conceal small cracks. Another advantage: Non-woven wallpapers can be removed without leaving and residue and can later be removed dry from the wall.

What do I need to consider before wallpapering?
Before wallpapering the subsurface must be thoroughly examined. Basically the surface must be clean, dry, smooth, firm and absorbent. In addition always check the color and texture of the wallpaper before wallpapering. Application instructions can be found also on the back of the wallpaper depositor.

What paste do I need and what is important?
Depending on the wallpaper type and the subsurface the choice of the paste is especially critical. The matching wallpaper paste is always displayed below the item setting.
Make sure that you use a clean bucket with cold and clear water. Enter the paste with constant stirring with a wooden stick. Pay attention to the recommendation to use on the glue packaging.

Wallpaper symbols
The following overview explains the importance of wallpaper characters and quality icons.